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2.4G 10W 4CH Large Power Wireless transceiver vidoe audio Transmitter Receiver for drone FPV transceiver

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2.4G 10W Large Power Wireless Image Audio Video Transmitter Receiver

Product Description:
- SAIS,large power,long ditance transmition.It adopts advanced microwave transmition technology.
It can wireless high fidelity transmit video signal and audio signal,the video transmition distance is more than 3000~5000 meters.
In wall blocked condition,the transmition distance can reach 500~2000 meters (the real condition differs).
The effective distance is five time as the same item on the market.All metal shell,temperature reduce fan improving the heat dissipation and anti-interference ability.
- - 10000mW transmition power,2.4G 10W large power.
- The transmitter and the receiver co-channel pairing use,It can be 1 plug 4,multi transmitter one receiver
- Use totally enclosed sheel,improving the heat dissipation and anti-interference ability.
- Good confidentially and little distortion,no delay
- Compatible DVD,DVR,Camera,IPTV,Satellite set-top box,Digital TV set-top box and other audio video output device.Used to monitor or family audio video
- Wireless receiver image clear and stable,colourful,Clear timbre, no noise
- Support PAL/NTSC standard video transmisson
- All hardware design,you do not need to install software,plug and play,simple and convenient
- Tranmition distance:3000~5000 meters,no block antenna visiable environment
- In horizontal wall block condition,it can transmit 500~2000 meters (It depends on the real condition)
- In city,there are many walls,blocksa are serious,we suggest that you choose the 1.2~1.3 low frequency transmitter.

Note:The antenna interface for the transmitter and receiver are different,please pay attention.

Product Features:
- High working frequency,good anti-interference performance.
- Use new circuit,tructure design,ensuring sound and image clear receive
- Various optional channels,the channels do not interfere with each other.
- Use totally enclosed sheel,improving the heat dissipation and anti-interference ability.

Performance parameter:
Working frequency band:2331-2391 MHz
Transmitter power:10W
Use channels:4
Can transmit audio video
video signal standard:PAL/NTSC
audio input resistance:1KΩ      
video input resitance:75Ω
Power:DC 12V 4A
Transmitter size:173X78X43mm     Weight: 0.48kg (Antenna is not included)
Receiver size:116X69X25mm   Weight: 0.16kg (Antenna is not included)
Antenna length:177mm
Item weight:1.32kg

Install and use:Open the package,“TX”marked on the side is transmitter;“RX”marked is the receiver.

Transmitter install:
- Choose the working channels
- Four core 3.5 audio wire one port connect to the transmitter,Lotus head connect to the signal source (the orange is video,the white connect to left and right channel).Another four core 3.5 audio wire connect to the transmitter,Lotus head connect to display terminal (the orange is audio,the white connect to left and right channel).
- Connect the antenna and raise the antenna
- Power adapter plug in the electric supply socket and connect the DC output to the transmitter.

Receiver install:
It is the same as the transmitter install.The working frequency maintains the same with tranmitters.
Connect the audio video wire to the TV or monitor.After the transmitter receiver install,observe the receive effect and adjust the antenna for the transmitter and receiver,until the sound and image gets best.
The device sets four optional channels,the most effective is the channel switch down picking one.

Multi channels receive: Four transmitters one receiver work at most.The transmitter operating channels are fixed and varied.Received by a receiver in scanning mode, and it automatically switched to the next transmitter every few seconds, you can monitoring multiple scenes simultaneously.
At this point,dial the receiver working channel optional switch to the bottom (It can monitor four place at most). Of course, if you need continuously monitor video save screen, it will not be suitable for you to use multiple receive mode

- To avoid damage,do not force rotation when adjusting the antenna angle.
- You must use the power adapter provided by our factory so as not to damage the machine
- A transmitter can only operate on one channel, that is,You can only press one the transmitters channel select switch

- The transmission distance is completely different in different environment,because there are high barriers, bottom wall thickness,sparse trees and so on, For example,the 2000mW transmitter can pass 1-1.5 km no-barrier in open environment.
In the open urban barrier free environment ,It can transfer 500-800 meters.
But it can merely transfer two hundred meters or few tens of meters in the crowed building environment and it can not transfer possibly.
If in the barrier environment,you can choose to add outdoor antenna and you place outdoor antenna frame to the highest position.Make the distance between the antenna and the antenna broadened and can see each other, then the transmission distance is the transmission distance   marked on the date.
- How do you test the wireless video transmission system you just bought?
Answer: A.First,make the camera (camera) power on, connected to the monitor (TV), confirmed that the camera (camera) and monitor (TV) can work properly; B.Connect the camera to the transmitter,receiver and power supply, connect the receiver,the monitor and power supply, and then adjust button on the the receiver to select channel, make sure that the receiver channels and transmitter channels exactly the same; you can use this equipment normally.
- Our transmitter receiver system can provide 4 channels.That to say,you can use 4 points at mot in the same area present.
- Can other people receive my signal durning using the wireless video transmitter receiver system?
It there is someone uses our wireless video transmitter receiver system in the nearby area,he may receive your signal.If you have some special needs,we can provide image/sound encode transmission service.

Package List:
- 1 x Receiver
- 1 x Transmitter  
- 2 x Power adapter  
- 2 x Audio video wire
- 1 x instruction
- 2 x Antenna

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