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FPV Airplane Skyhunter 1.8m EPO Wings Best RC UAV FPV model airplane FPV necessary

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Skyhunter is a professional FPV & UAV EPO Aircraft,it takes more than 1 year time to optimize parameters.Now it will be starting selling in December.Flying skyhunter like flying a big F3A plane,you can enjoy it with max 3500g flying weight and more than 100 minutes flying time(use 4s 25000mah battery).

Skyhunter Falcon 1.8 meter  wingspan double tailboom professional FPV UAV aircraft aerial machine

Electric system and Radio system are not included.

It is Empty Plane for sale only. (NO Radio,Battery,Motors, ESC, Servos...etc)

Body Color: Gray or White (no options, we will ship by random)

High load, high mobility, high stability, high maneuverability, long-endurance, high-flying strength, not spiral

Note: The handling time is within 5 bussines days.

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1. Take-off weight 3.8KG, recommended takeoff weight of 2.5-3KG

2. Special airfoil and strong structure maximum support 4S 25000mah battery cruise more than 100 minutes.

3. Falcons without a motor and propeller limitations, can support up to 15-inch propeller (6S battery-powered)

3S 4S 5S 6S dynamic configuration can fly!


1.High strength body and wings
2.Large equipment and battery space
3.Fast disassembly components and adjustable tail distance structure
4.Big weight load and long time flying
5.Good mobility and stability


Wingspan: 1800mm
Wing string: 240mm
Body length: 650mm
Body width: 160mm
Body high: 150mm
Main wing carbon rod: 12mm x10mm x1200mm x1
Tail carbon rod: 14mm x12mm x800mm x2
Body weight: 900g
Recommend flying weight: 3000g
Max flying weight: 3500g

Skyhunter is suitable for long time flying with low throttle or aerobatics with high throttle.

CG point is 1/3 wing,recommended use Henge MD933 sevro

Do not use less than 4S 5000mah battery! otherwise CG point is behind and plane is too light, not stable


2820(3542) KV920 motor
11x7 or 12x6 APC propeller
40-60A ESC
8-15g metal digital servo x3
4S 14.8V 5000-10000mah li-po battery

2820(3542) KV800 motor
12X8 or 13x8 APC propeller
40-60A ESC
8-17g metal digital servo x3
4S 14.8V 5000-20000mah nano li-po battery

2820 KV400-KV500 motor
14x7 or 14x8 APC propeller
8-17g metal digital servo x3
6S 22.2V 5000-15000mah nano li-po battery

4S1P 10000mah 10C nano battery(770g) cruise voyage 45Km, cruise time 45mins, cruise throttle 7A
4S1P 15000mah 15C nano battery(1160g) cruise voyage 60Km, cruise time 65mins, cruise throttle 9A
4S2P 20000mah 10C nano battery(1550g) cruise voyage 80Km, cruise time 90mins, cruise throttle 13A
6S1P 10000mah 15C nano battery(1250g) no test
6S1P 15000mah 15C nano battery(1875g) no test




Skyhunter is a large double tail support UAV prototype, after a year of repeated test and modify the parameters to optimize, designed for FPV use, aerial photography enthusiasts, UAV users create.Special airfoil and a strong structural maximum support 4S 25000mah battery cruise for more than 100 minutes.

Design goals: high strength, high stability and high maneuvering long endurance and good operation

The whole machine fast dismounting, high density EPO material,

3 high strength carbon fiber tubes,

(12mm x10mm x1.2 diameter diameter main wing length, tail pipe 14x12x0.8 meters).

The main wing with 4 high intensity M5 screw fixation (also reserved the rubber band hole, normally not required).

Tail pipe and main wing and horizontal tail are connected by ABS plastic + fast disassembling fixing screw nut.

Space is huge, with wood chips can pull plate layer (layer cell, the upper flight control, receiver and FPV equipment)

two layer position adjustable height, body side spaces left the cabin door, convenient to put into large scale equipment...Battery position and empennage structure length can be adjusted optionally, convenient for different head weight.

The whole machine is added with a glass rod, carbon and reinforcement treatment, guarantee aircraft in 3500 grams of maximum take-off weight of the roll, no problem.


Note: Skyhunter 1.8m wings plane-new are not included wood pan motor, ESC or prob set.



   Design goals: high strength and high mobility high load stable, long-endurance and good handling
The whole machine quick release, high-density EPO material, three high-strength carbon fiber tube (inner diameter of the main wing 12mm diameter x10mm x1.2 m length, tail tube 14x12x0.8 m). Main wing with four high-intensity M5 screws (also set aside a rubber band holes, normally do not need). Tail pipe and the main wing and horizontal tail connection with ABS plastic parts + quick release screw nut fixed. Huge space inside, with a layer of wood chips can pull separator (bottom cell, the upper flight control, receiver and FPV equipment, etc.) and there are two freely adjustable height positions, leaving the fuselage on both sides of the lateral compartment door, convenient into large-scale equipment. . . Battery position and tail length of the structure can be adjusted to facilitate the different nose counterweight. The whole machine has many plus fiberglass rods, bars and reinforced carbon treatment to ensure the aircraft maximum takeoff weight of 3500 grams of roll, somersault completely without problems.

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