1.2G to 2.3G Repeater 1.3G to 2.4G 8CH 10W Wireless Audio Video Transmission Signal Magnifier Amplifier

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Product Description

1.2G to 2.3G Repeater 1.3G to 2.4G 8CH 10W Wireless Audio Video Transmission Signal Magnifier Amplifier

Product Description:
– 10W built-in wave filter 1.2G to 2.3G/1.3G to2.4G high power long distance repeater
– Front end equipped with high power 1.2G transmitter signal transit improve the video transmittion distance
– 1.2G-2.3G
– 1.3G-2.4G
– Built-in Wave filter
– Long distance wireless audio video transmisson repeater
– 10W large power enhance version
– This product is used in condition that wireless signals need to be strengthened.Use international advanced transceiver components,quality assurance,long life.

Wireless audio video transmisson repeater:
The product is digital frequence adjustment repeater
– High working efficiency,good anti-interference performance
– New circuit,new structure design,ensuring clear image
– Various channels to option and they do not interfere each other.
– Repeater signal transmission,extends receiving ditance
– Receive frequency 1.2G digital frequency selection
– Output frequency 2.4,2.3G/2.5G custom
– Transmitter power:10W signal enhance version
– Using channel:8 channels
– Transmission video signal: PAL/NTSC
– Video output resistance:75ohm

Repeater main unit parameter:
Size:165X111X20mm (WidthxHeightxThickness) not including the antenna joint height
Antenna interface:SMA female head

Repeater receiver parameter:
Size:80X62X23mm (HeightxWidthxThickness) not including the height for antenna joint and audio video interface
Antenna interface:SMA female head

10W enhanced version relay, built-in filter, better clarity,more stable image,better anti-interference.
1.2G to 2.3G enhanced version high-power wireless signal relay, anti-interference distance is far (customizable: to 2.4G /2.5G receive signal)
2.4G 8 channel,all the 2.3G/2.4G/2.5G transmission module can be equipped at the back-end.

– High working frequency,good anti-interference performance
– Use new circuits, new structural design, to ensure clear image reception.
– Many channels to choose from, and they do not interfere with each other.
– With application expansion function, adaptability.
– Has the relay signal transmission, extends the receive distance.

1.2GHz to 2.3GHz microwave wireless image transmission signal repeater technical specifications:
– Relay receiving frequency 1.2G
– Relay rolling out frequency 2.3G frequency (to 2.4G/2.5G customized)
– Transmit power: 10W signal enhanced version
– Use channels: 8 channels relay front end and 4 channels at the back
– Can transmit video signal: PAL/NTSC
– Video input resistance: 75 ohm
– Power adapter: converter (Transmitter) 12V/2A;Receiver 12V/1A
– Repeater main unit volume:165x111x20mm (WidthXHightXThicknes)
– Weight: 420g

Installation and use:
– Wireless signal repeater” is a wireless signal relay.
– Receiver” is the image receiver.
– The converter and receiver connect to the antenna and the antenna is erected.
– Connect the receiver’s video (VIDEO) to the TV or monitor video, and select the channel.
– Install the antenna transmitter and connect to the power supply.
– After the converter is powered on,select frequency and search 2.4G image signal.Let go after the image is clear.
– If the image is darker or brighter,adjustment repeater side small round hole knob with a small screwdriver for adjusting the brightness.
– After the converter and receiver are installed, observe the reception effect and adjusting the antenna angle until the image reaches the optimum.

– The converter uses microwave high-power transmitter.It is easily damaged without connecting to the antenna.Tighten the antenna first before current is switched on.
– Do not force rotation when adjusting the antenna angle to avoid damage;
– You must use the power adapter provided by our factory so as not to damage the machine;

Five packing list:
– 1 x Repeater main unit
– 1 x 2.3G receiver
– 2 x 2.3G omnidirectional small antenna
– 1 x 1.2G omnidirectional small antenna
– 2 x 12V power adapter
– 1 x Warranty card
– 1 x AV cable

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