1 set Emax Nighthawk X5 200mm High Speed Carbon Fiber Frame Kit 5mm Arm With PDB Wholesale Dropship

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Product Description

Brand Name: Emax
Model: Nighthawk X5
Item Name: Emax Nighthawk X5 200mm X Frame Kit
Material: Carbon Fiber
Wheelbase: 200mm
Arm Thickness: 5mm
Bottom Plate: 1.5mm
Top Plate: 1.5mm
PDB Thickness: 1.5mm
3Programmable RGB LEDs (Runs on 5V)
PDB Power Output: Filtered 12V @ 2A and 5V @ 3A Switching Regulators
Weight: 144g

– EMAX’s first pure X frames with equidistant motor placement and centered mass for the ultimate in balance and agility.

– A custom PDB with Dual Shielded Voltage Regulators, integrated XT60 battery connector, low voltage buzzer and programmable LED strip.

-The built-in PDB serves as the top half of the main structural frame, eliminating the need for another carbon piece to save precious weight.

-With all the components arranged towards the center, its center of gravity allows the X frame to turn in an instant.

-Adjustable HD Camera Mount clips on top of the included Top plate and locks into place. Using the screws to loosen or tighten the angle adjustment mechanism, the mount can swivel from 30-45 degrees to let your HD Cam capture the most angled speed runs.

Recommended Parts:
Propeller: 5 Inch Propeller
Flight Control: Emax Skyline32, F3 Flight Control
Motor: Emax RS2205 2300KV Motor
Battery: 4S 1000-1300mAH ≥60C Battery

The following parts are suitable for this frame:
Flight Control: EMAX Skyline32 Flight Control Board with OSD,
SP Racing F3 Flight Control
Propeller: Diatone 5045 5×4.5 Propeller CW CCW
2 Pair DYS BN5045 5 Inch Propeller
ESC: EMAX BLHeli for lightning 20A ESC
Motor: Emax RS2205-2300 2300KV Racing Edition CW/CCW Motor
Battery: Giant Power Dinogy 1300mAh 14.8V 4S 65C LiPo Battery

Package Included:
1x EMAX Nighthawk X5 Frame
1x 5V/12V PDB
1x Action Camera Mount

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