120KM Long Range RMILEC T4047NB20 NB20 V2 20 Channel 5W 433Mhz UHF System w/Receiver for JR/Futaba Radios



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120KM Long Range RMILEC T4047NB20 NB20 V2 20 Channel 5W 433Mhz UHF System w/Receiver for JR/Futaba RadiosInstruction:

This is the latest NB20 20 channel UHF LRS System that just released on 10/12/2019 by the manufacturer Rmilec.

Looking for the ultimate LRS radio system offering a massive 5.8w of transmitting power? The RMILEC NB20 system has arrived! The NB20 is essentially a relay system for radio control and a LRS system all in one. How does the system work? Your existing transmitter sends a signal to your receiver which is connected to the NB20 transmitter (on the ground) The NB20 takes that signal and rebroadcasts it at an impressive 2 – 5.8w! (selectable)

When the NB20 system is set up to use all of its 20 available channels your models parameters can be adjusted in flight, meaning a pilot and co-pilot / aerial videographer can work together with a single radio system, In addition to this, the new system offers vast improvements in both range and reliability as any source of interference can be quickly and accurately ruled out.

The NB20 adopts the very latest RF technology, providing very high adjacent channel rejection ratio and anti-blocking performance. The NB20 receiver can detect the frequency and amplitude of EMI interference with unbeatable accuracy and precision.

The RF performance of the latest NB20 system surpasses the older generation 4047 system. The system uses superfast processors for signal transmission and acquisition which delivers extreme accuracy. The NB20’s transceiver makes full use of the bandwidth limitation which reduces the time for data exchange and frequency calibration.

In short the NB20 system offers staggering performance and quality for the long range flying enthusiast and all at an affordable price.


  • Input: 2 PPM, 1 SBUS. PWM needs to use signal converter, convert to PPM or SBUS signal.
  • RF Output: 0.5w, 1w, 2w, 5w
  • Frequency: 433, 435, 445, 455Mhz. 400-470Mhz programmable.
  • Sensitivity: -115dBm
  • Adjacent Channel Rejection: High
  • Anti Signal-blocking: High
  • Signal Of Servo For Transmission: 20ch
  • Input Voltage: 12v DC
  • Display: System Status, Ouput Servo Data, Input Signal
  • RF Power Setting: Remote Control RF Power, Touch Screen Control, Programmable.
  • System Idle: Remote Control System Idle, Programmable.
  • Channel Mapping: Remote Control System Idle, Programmable.
  • Heat Dissipation: Automatic
  • Cooling: Improved Cooling Fan
  • Sampling: Compact Installation Design
  • Antenna: Standard Diamond SRH771 Antenna
  • Receiver: 4047NB20RX

Difference Between NB20 V1 and NB20 V2

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