5.8G 5.8Ghz 2W 2000mW 8 Channels Wireless Audio Video FPV Transmitter TS582000 and RC805 Receiver Combo

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Boscam FPV 5.8Ghz 2W 2000mW 8 Channels Wireless Audio Video Transmitter TS582000 and RC805 Receiver Combo

TS582000 Transmitter Specifications:

Transmission Characteristics

Output Power:2000mW Operating Voltage:8V-25V(2S-6S) Operating Current:800mA(12V testing) Channel :24CH Video Format:NTSC/PAL Output Voltage:5V/Input Voltage(Jumper cap selection) Antenna Interface:SMA(External thread internal pin) Weight:30g

Output Voltage

Two output voltages, It can supply power to 5V and wide voltage cameras, Select the output voltage through a three-point jumper pad, and check the wiring scheme drawing for operation details. 1.The jumper pad is short circuited to the two points on the right, and the output is 5V at this time. 2.The jumper pad is short circuited to the left two points, and the input voltage of the power supply is output at this time.

Three schemes of actual wiring diagram

Wiring scheme 1: It is suitable for micro camera with voltage of 3.3-5v and current less than 100mA. If there is no condition to verify that the camera meets the above voltage and current conditions, this wiring method is prohibited, otherwise there is a great risk of damaging the transmitter.

Wiring scheme 2: It is suitable for 5-25v wide voltage camera, and this scheme is universal.

Wiring scheme 3: It is suitable for the camera of scheme 2 which cannot be used when the voltage is low and scheme 1 cannot be used when the current is high, for example, a moving camera. This wiring scheme is universal and basically applicable to all cameras. The disadvantage is that the wiring is a little more complicated.

RC832 48CH Receiver Specifications:

Now 48CH Version
The RC832 Receiver is nice and small in size for easy integration into your ground station, but big in quality and features. The receiver uses the same two button interface as the TS832 Transmitter making channel swapping a breeze. There are two independent AV outputs for both audio and video. So you can use a monitor and set of goggles or maybe a DVR to record your flight, for when your significant other asks where you were for the last 4 hours. Powering the receiver at the field is as easy as plugging in a 3 cell lipoly into the included prewired cable with mini JST. It just doesn’t get any simpler than this.

*For best range and video link stability we recommend using the Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud Spirit circular-polarized Antenna Set (SMA-RP) available below in the accessory’s tab

• 48 channels: Cover A, B, E,F,H bands and L bands
• Two switching buttons for the band and channel
• Two digits display for the band and channel
• Power off memory for last channel and band
• dual Independent video and audio signal outputs

Video format supported: NTSC/PAL
Antenna connection: RP-SMA, jack
Power input: 12V
Working current: 200mA max
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Antenna gain: 2db
Rx sensitivity -90dBm
Video impedance: 75Ω
Video format: NTSC/PAL auto
Dimension: 80x 65 x15mm
Weight: 85g

Frequency range:
FR1: 5865M 5845M 5825M 5805M 5785M 5765M 5745M 5725M
FR2: 5733M 5752M 5771M 5790M 5809M 5828M 5847M 5866M
FR3: 5705M 5685M 5665M 5645M 5885M 5905M 5925M 5945M
FR4: 5740M 5760M 5780M 5800M 5820M 5840M 5860M 5880M
FR5: 5658M 5695M 5732M 5769M 5806M 5843M 5880M 5917M
FR6: 5362M 5399M 5436M 5473M 5510M 5547M 5584M 5621M

** Many fake, poor quality & untested FPV products are currently entering the market. Don’t get caught out with poor quality substitutes, Boscam FPV equipment is tried and true and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots.

Full combo include:
1x 5.8Ghz 2000mW Transmitter

1x RC805 Receiver

2x Antenna

1x Cable set

1x Manual

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