AutoQuad M4 Flight Controller AQ M4 Autopilot Support GCS For FPV Hubsan CrazyFlie Walkera WLtoys e-flite Drone RC Multirotor

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Product Description

Features of the Boards:

  • STM32F405 MCU
  • Native USB with 1S battery charging
  • 4 onboard motor drivers for brushed motors
  • Full 9-axis digital IMU with Altimeter
  • Onboard Ublox7 GPS module
  • Onboard Deltang DSM2 7-channel receiver
  • Expansion board headers containing PWM, GPIOs, SD-Card, UART and power
  • Onboard CAN bus transceiver
  • Included Quatos license for hobby and recreational crafts up to 1kg. Upgrade, educational and commercial licenses available.

The 4 onboard motor drivers allow to build a pocket sized AutoQuad by just adding 4 coreless motors and a small frame.It is a direct fit to a Ladybird frame and can be combined with a number of other pocket-quad parts from Hubsan, CrazyFlie, Walkera, WLtoys, e-flite and many others.

Full autonomous capability

By connecting a small GPS antenna (you can make one for a few bucks) you can add full navigation and autonomous mission capabilites to your M4 nanoquad. Or, if you are using your M4 to control your big rig, you can use the standard 35mm patch antenna and get really excellent GPS reception even in challenging places.

Adaptive Control

M4 introduces the new Quatos Adaptive control unit to AutoQuad. Quatos is a nonlinear adaptive attitude controller that increases stability and disturbance rejection in AutoQuad.
Every M4 will come with a license that allows personal hobby use on crafts up to 1kg. Upgrade paths for crafts over 1kg and commercial use and licenses for existing AQ controllers will be made available from Dynamic Software, the company behind Quatos.

Expand it!

The expansion headers makes it possible for the M4 controller to be very versatile and offer the same functions as a full AQ controller board with up to 8 PWM channels (including the 4 internal channels), SD-Card and wireless telemetry just like its bigger counterparts. And with CAN and ESC32, you dont need to worry about PWM channels, but can control up to 16 CAN ESC´s directly from the M4 and fly your big rig with it too.

Use it to control your Big Rig

The combination of GPS receiver, CAN bus and expansion headers allows the M4 to be used to control a fullsize rig with full nav capability. We are also working on several “Motherboards” for the M4 and other AQ controllers that we will release soon.

These motherboards can be connected to any AutoQuad main board via CAN bus. They add functions such as OSD, power distribution, signal distribution, power supplies, UART´s, Xbee socket and PWM channels.

【GCS Ground Station】

AutoQuad PC GCS, support for windows, linux, mac OS

In addition there are Android GCS

【Interface Description】

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18+, 12+y

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AutoQuad M4

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