Deepace KC901S+ 4GHz Handheld Network Analyzer multi RF-meter radio frequency SWR standing wave test

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Product Description

Deepace KC901S+ 3GHz Handheld Network Analyzer multi RF-meter radio frequency SWR standing wave test

Product Description

Including vector reflection, scalar transmission, spectrum, signal source and other functions,

to resolve common radio frequency testing. Applicable in communications engineering,

radio and television engineering, radio enthusiasts, research and education and other fields

901S+ is an upgraded version of 901S, the frequencies is up to 4G.

KC901S+ is a universal vector antenna analyzer. It supports the analysis of single port vector network analysis

and dual port scalar network analysis, meanwhile expanding the spectrum,

field strength and signal generator convenient function. KC901S+ has professional practicality,

and includes the battery which supports 5 hours large work load, the volume is just 1 dm3, weight is only 1 kg,

bring a new experience for the user.

◆Main features*
9KHz-4GHzfrequency range
1Hz frequency resolution
Reliable accuracy and stability
Two frequency conversion, external interference resistance
Rich functionality and lightweight design

◆Main functions
Transmission test(scalar:debug filter,amplifier,test antenna directivity)
Reflection test(vector:regulate impedance matching, check the antenna system quality)
Spectrum display and field strength observation**(Test radio transmitter performance and find interference sources)
Output one frequency point signal individually

◆Suggesting application
KC901S+ is mainly used for debugging various RF circuits, such as filters, amplifiers, splitter, combiner,

test input and output impedance, the quality evaluation of antenna system,

signal amplitude detection of equipment at all levels. In most frequency bands, it also can measure field strength,

and do interference search and other work.
This instrument can effectively improve work efficiency, reduce the carrying burden,

improve the quality of work. 901S is a test tool for every electronic engineers,

also as a regular instrument of professional communication engineering,

and radio television transmitting station technical personnel.

◆The difference between 901S+ and 901S
901S+ is the upgraded product of 901S
901S+ adopts all digital intermediate frequency technology
901S+ the trace noise has improved more observably than 901
The electric bridge structure of 901S is improved, its nonlinear effect is smaller than 901S,

and the accuracy of impedance test is improved
Based on the improvements of the electric bridge, the 901S+ can support low to 9KHz of S11 measurements,

and the directionality is still good at this time
The spectrum function of 901S+ shares a port with the S11 function,

and the port usage in the transmission test is the opposite of 901S
The S21 function of 901S+ is also vector, and the introduction of phase can provide more intuitive trend judgment
The frequency range of 901S+ is 9KHz – 4.1GHz.
901S+ analysis bandwidth (RBW) has four choices, respectively are 1KHz, 3KHz, 10KHz, 30KHz,

spectrum function is stronger than 901S

◆Technical indicators (for reference only)

Items Test condition Parameter Remarks
Minimum In general Maximum
Frequency range effective 9KHz 4GHz
SPEC Mode can be set 0 4.1GHz
Scan range SPAN 1KHz 4GHz
Scan point 450pt 3150pt Native operation
Frequency resolution All scan functions 1Hz Spectrum analyzer, etc.
Audio signal source function 0.1Hz
Bisection resolution 0.01dB
Phase resolution 0.01°
Scan speed RBW=30KHz,each point 1.2ms
RBW=10KHz,each point 1.5ms
RBW=3KHz,each point 2ms
RBW=1KHz,each point 3ms
RBW=30K,450pt each screen 0.5s
Output frequency 1MHz-2GHz -10dBm -3dBm 3dBm 1 port
1MHz-2GHz 0dBm 6dBm 13dBm 2 port
2GHz-4GHz -16dBm 0dBm 1 port
2GHz-4GHz -10dBm 10dBm 2 port
attenuatoin 0dB 20dB
Sensitivity 1MHz-3GHz -107dBm 1 port
3GHz-4GHz -97dBm
The dynamic range of transmission measurements 1MHz-2GHz 70dB

Equivalent to the isolation of the transmit receive channel
2GHz-4GHz 50dB

Amplitude uncertainty of transmission measurements Through direct calibration, plug loss L<60dB 0.3+0.05L
Zero drift of insertion loss Compensated existing insertion loss L<30dB 0.05dB
Absolute directivity of bridge 9kHz—1MHz 18dB 90% Interval trusted
1MHz—4GHz 20dB
Relative directionality of S11 9kHz—3GHz 45dB After calibration, the 90% interval is believable
3GHz—4GHz 35dB

Uncertainty of return loss After direct calibration,3dB<RL<25dB 1.5+0.1RL
Phase uncertainty 100kHz—1GHz 2° Reflection coefficientρ>0.25
1GHz—3GHz 5°
3GHz—4GHz 8°

Items Test condition Parameter Remarks
Minimum In general Maximum
VSWR Port 2,1MHz-4GHz 1.5 Quiescent value
Port 1,1MHz-4GHz 2.0
Lo-leaking Port 1 -60dBm -10dBm
Intermediate frequency feed through system 30dB
Frequency stability per year 0.3ppm 1ppm
Voltage Charge port 11V 32V
AC power adapter 105V 230V
Internal battery 6.5V 8.4V
TEMP range In general 0° 45° Note2
Allowed for use -40° 65°
Humidity range Continuous boot state 0% 95% Note3
Damage level All port DC15V,+20dBm
Size 200×114×46mm
Weight Main machine(including battery) 1.2kg
The total package 2.0kg

Note1:Unless otherwise specified, all indicators are measured in the medium speed mode, 10KHz RBW, 0 output attenuation, temperature 25 °, and through the user calibration.

A few accidental or abnormal data permanent period may exceed the range of technical parameters table.

Note2:When the battery is powered, the range depends on the temperature characteristics of the battery.

It exceeds 0… 45° should be re calibrated when the equipment is preheated and stable.

Especially within the range of -40~-20° , should be preheated for at least 5 minutes (and need to keep running).

Due to heating of the equipment itself, the shell temperature may be 20° higher than the ambient temperature.

In more than 45° environment, should avoid scalding.

We must remove the battery when the environment temperature is closed to 65°. Otherwise,

the battery temperature may exceed 85 ° and cause danger.

Note3: Restricted to usage state only.

Moisture storage measures must be adopted for long-term storage at a moisture level greater than 80%

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