Fatshark FPV Racing drone combo Happymodel Larva X Racing Drone with Runcam 200mw vtx + Fatshark Scout goggles + Transmitter

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Product Description

New Fatshark FPV Racing drone combo Happymodel Larva X Racing Drone with Runcam 200mw vtx + Fatshark Scout goggles + FatsharkTransmitter

Package includes:

1* Larva X frame

1* Option1: Crazybee F4FR V3.0 PRO FC built-in Frsky RX

4* 1103 KV7000 motor

4* Micro 2.5 Inch propeller

1* Runcam Nano2 Camera

1* 5.8G 25-200mW VTX

1* Propeller disassemble tool

1* Screwdriver

FatShark RECON V3 FPV Goggles

1*Fatshark Transmittion

1.Larva X Drone combo Specifications:

Brand Name: Happymodel

Item Name: Larva X 2-3S 2.5inch Brushless FPV drone

Wheelbase: 100mm

Size: 88mm*88mm*45mm(without propellers)

Weight: 50g(without battery)

Recommended Battery:

3S 300mah/350mah 2S 450mah


New Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 AIO Flight controller 2-4s Lipo Compatible

Powerful and smoothly

Betaflight OSD support ,easy to get RSSI, Voltage ,current from your goggles

Camera Angle adjustable

VTX power switchable 25mw~200mw

Smartaudio ready , change VTX bands, powers, channels via OSD

Receiver option : Frsky D8 ,Flysky , Specktrum ,Frsky RXSR ,TBS CRSF

Diamond VTX Ready

Compatible both for 2s-3s Lipo/LIHV

2.Fatshark Scout goggles

The Recon line of panel goggles are a great entry level FPV headset. They are simple, affordable, and have an ultra-immersive FOV. The Recon V3 has an integrated four band, 32-channel receiver, and USB charging. It puts ease-of-use first and lets pilots fo cus on the full FPV experience without worrying about extra charging cables or accessory components.

Version 3 of the Recon Goggles is a very mature design. It has an included onboard DVR, uses an integrated channel scanner to pick up the strongest video feed and has an improved 800 x 480 TFT resolution display for a crisper image. The onboard OSD shows video signal strength, battery lifetime, and selected channel. The Recon V3 is the ideal choice for a new pilot looking for a complete, high-quality headset.

3.Fatshark Transmittion

Professional-grade remotes play an important role in training. Relative to a complicated remote control and most of the switches that are not applicable above, Fatshark remote control only has two switches and mode selection keys. It is directly and clearly connected to the online simulator, and the volume on the road is small enough. The Fatshark remote control is also suitable for advanced flying, and it is also suitable for a mature pilot.
Fat shark remote control is simple in design, easy to use and convenient to carry. In particular, it provides a good initial introduction training for FPV beginner training. This remote control can be used on any Flysky aircraft.
Plug it directly into your computer with the included USB cable to use the drone’s simulation training.

Here is Specification about Lara x:




Carbon Fiber

Recommend Age


Tool Supplies

Assembled class

Upgrade Parts/Accessories


RC Parts & Accs

Batteries – LiPo



Technical parameters

Value 2

Model Number

Happymodel Larva X Combo

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices


For Vehicle Type


Four-wheel Drive Attributes




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