FLY WING Flywing FW450 3D RTF 6CH RC Smart Helicopter 2.4GHz Almost RTF Assembled RC Helicopter

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PNP Package
PNP Package
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RTF White
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Product Description

3D RTF 6CH RC Smart Helicopter FW450 2.4GHz Almost RTF Assembled RC Helicopter

Requires simple installation by yourself


  • Length: 880mm
  • Height: 220mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • Main Blade Lenght: 360mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 800mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 127mm
  • Motor D Gear: 11
  • Drive Gear: 66T
  • Weight(w/o battery): 800g
  • Flight time:15-25mins
  • Flight distance:1km
  • Battery :4S1000mah-4S4000mah(Recommend 4S2200mah-4S3300mah)(NOT INCLUDED)
  • Bttery compartment:120*37*50mm(L*W*H)
  • Function:Return to home, one key to 8 flight/3D fly,fixed hover and more function to be developing

PNP package: Don’t include radio and battery.

RTF package:Don’t include the battery.

Gift:one piece 8 in 1 flight simulator

some wearing part

The remote control model is not a toy. This product is provided to adults or experienced technicians with professional remote control model helicopter assembly, setting, commissioning and operation experience and is used in legal remote control flight field. This product is not suitable for children or those who do not have professional remote control model helicopters. Inexperience This must be purchased under the direction of someone with considerable skill or expertise. The remote control model product of this specification belongs to the operator who has high operational skills and is a consumable item. Improper or unfamiliar use of the product may cause serious harm to yourself and others, or even death. After the product is disassembled and used, it will cause loss of parts in different situations. If the product is defective or unsatisfactory due to any use, it will not be possible to replace the new product or return it within the warranty conditions. The dealer is unable to correct the abnormal loss of the parts and components of the end user, improper installation and setting methods, modification or modification of the goods (including the use of non-original parts), other equipment that does not meet the specifications, and poor operation. Way, damage, accident or injury caused. Buyers and operators assume full responsibility at the time of purchase. Those who do not operate such professional remote-controlled model helicopters shall not operate this product. At the same time, the operator must operate in the legal remote control model flight site, pay attention to the personal safety of himself and others and strictly abide by and comply with national and local laws and regulations. The whole machine hood is a fragile product. Many glass fiber products are surface painting products. Due to shrinkage, temperature and transportation process, there may be problems such as blasting and cracking. This is a problem of the product itself. Do not deal with, (or face-to-face courier sign, direct delivery of the problem with serious problems, after the receipt of this problem will not be dealt with.) Mind please be careful to buy!



Aerial Photography



Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Metal

Remote Distance



as picture


over 18years

Controller Mode





Brushless Motor

Charging Voltage

according to battery

Model Number


Plugs Type


Control Channels

6 Channels

Remote Control


Package Includes

Original Box

Charging Time

according to battery

Power Source


Age Range


State of Assembly


Flight Time


Controller Battery

not include

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