GEPRC GR1408 3500KV 2500KV 2-4S Brushless Motor for 3inch RC FPV Racing Freestyle Cinewhoop Ducted Drones DIY Parts

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2500KV 1pcs
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Product Description

GEPRC GR1408 3500KV 2500KV 2-4S Brushless Motor for 3inch RC FPV Racing Freestyle Cinewhoop Ducted Drones DIY Parts


GEP-GR1408 motor is GEPRC’s newly developed brushless motor specially designed for 3inch propeller, a highly efficient and powerful motor, incorporating many new features and quality material throughout and is available in three versions – 2500kv,3500kv,3750kv,4100kv to cater to the most demanding of flyers.

The GEP-GR1408 motor features a new streamlined motor shape, offering ultra-low wind resistance for fast forward flight and efficient heat dissipation. Incorporating high performance N52H curved magnets with a stator to magnet air-gap of only 0.15mm, the GEP-GR1408 motor is capable of high torque. High temperature resistance and low current resistant #180 enameled wire stator coil ensures stable power output throughout the throttle range and further enhanced by durable smooth running NSK Japanese bearings. The high precision CNC machined #7075 aluminum shaft increases crash durability of this motors while the large ventilation slots in the bell keeps the motor temperature low.

The GEP-GR1408 motor is optimized for 4S lipo and designed especially for 3inch propellers and when used with the GEPRC 3042 triblade propellers, it provides high output efficient performance. At only 15.2 g, the 4100Kv version generates an amazing 482g. The GEP-GR1408 motor is available in both CCC and CW threaded shaft.


Model: GEP-GR1408
KV: 3750kv
Weight: 15.2g(Not including wire)
Wire AWG: 24AWG
Cable length: 100mm
Stator Diameter: 14mm
Stator Height: 8mm
Shaft Diameter: 2mm
Configuration: 9N12P
Motor Diameter: 18.2mm
Motor Height: 32mm
Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
Input voltage: 2S-4S (7.4 – 16.8v)


  1. Full fuselage high precision CNC processing, aviation aluminum 7075 aluminum, high precision, high strength

  2. The maximum thrust of 4100kv was 648g, using the GEPRC 3042 propeller

  3. N52H magnetic material is adopted to ensure the torsion and high temperature

  4. The force and thrust are best for about 70% of the throttle

  5. The body is treated with precise dynamic balance to ensure the vibration and low noise of the motor at high speed

  6. 5mm aluminium flange lock nut

  7. Japan NSK bearings ensure the smooth running of the motor

  8. The gap of the bending magnet is 0.15mm and the power output is stronger

  9. Excellent heat dissipation structure design, with the same motor temperature drop 20%

  10. Resistance to high temperature of 180 ℃ silicone rubber clues, stable and reliable

  11. Reverse the CW/CCW, Ensure that the high-speed operation is 100% non-shedding

  12. Weight is only 15.2 g(Not including wire)





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GEPRC GEP-GR1408 3500kv Motor

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