Holybro PIX32 V5 Pixhawk 32 Bit Arm STM32F765 2MB MS5611 Barometer Flight Controller for FPV Racing Drone Multirotor RC Parts

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Product Description

Holybro PIX32 V5 Pixhawk Flight Controller 32 Bit Arm STM32F765 2MB MS5611 Barometer for RC Drone Multirotor

HolyBro Pix32 v5 is a new flight controller we have developed on the base of FMUv5 scheme, which can be regarded as a variant version of ‘Pixhawk4’. The Pix32 v5 is comprised of a separate flight controller and carrier board which are connected by a 100pin connector. It is designed for those pilots who need a high power, flexible and customisable flight control system. By using a carrier board designed for the style of model you need you can make sure that the physical size, pinouts and power distribution requirements match the model perfectly. Different carrier boards designed for multirotors, fixed wing aircraft, ground based vehicles or even water based models ensure that you have all the connections you need and none of the expense and bulk of connectors you don’t. We have made the carrier board schematics public, you can either make a custom carrier board by yourself or just let HolyBro help you with it. If you’ve tried to use a PixHawk4 but struggled to make it work with your design then the Pix32 v5 may be the answer with its ability to fit within a custom carrier board with just what you need. As the Pix32 v5 is based on the PX4 and ArduPilot systems you can also take advantage of all of the latest peripherals, software and enhancements offered by those systems for a quick easy setup and flying experience.

Technical Specifications

Main FMU Processor: STM32F765

– 32 Bit Arm Cortex

-M7, 216MHz, 2MB memory, 512KB RAM

IO Processor: STM32F100

– 32 Bit Arm Cortex

-M3, 24MHz, 8KB SRAM

On-board sensors

– Accel/Gyro: ICM-20689

– Accel/Gyro: BMI055

– Mag: IST8310 – Barometer: MS5611

GPS: Neo-M8N GPS/GLONASS receiver; integrated magnetometer IST8310


8-16 PWM servo outputs (8 from IO, 8 from FMU)

3 dedicated PWM/Capture inputs on FMU

Dedicated R/C input for CPPM

Dedicated R/C input for Spektrum / DS and S.Bus

with analog / PWM RSSI input

Dedicated S.Bus servo output

5 general purpose serial ports

– 2 with full flow control

– 1with separate 1.5A current limit

3 I2C ports

4 SPI buses

– 1 internal high speed SPI sensor bus with 4 chip selects and 6 DRDYs

– 1 internal low noise SPI bus dedicated for

– Barometer with 2 chip selects, no DRDYs

– 1 internal SPI bus dedicated for FRAM

– Supports dedicated SPI calibration EEPROMlocated on sensor module

– 1 external SPI buses Up to 2 CANBues for dual CAN with serial E

– Each CANBu has individual silent controls or ESC RX-MUX control

Analog inputs for voltage / current of 2 batteries

2 additional analog inputs

Electrical Data

Voltage Ratings:

Power module output: 4.9~5.5V

Max input voltage: 6V

Max current sensing: 120A

USB Power Input: 4.75~5.25V

Servo Rail Input: 0~36V

Mechanical Data

Dimensions: 45x45x13.5mm

Weight: 33.0g

Environmental Data, Quality & Reliability

Operating temp. -40~85℃

Storage temp. -40~85℃



RoHS compliant (lead-free)

Package Included:

1 x PIX32 V5 Flight Controller

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Composite Material

Recommend Age

12+y, 18+

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Technical parameters

Value 4

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Remote Control Peripherals/Devices

Remote Controller

For Vehicle Type


Four-wheel Drive Attributes



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