Hot Long Range 17dBi 2.4G WIFI Wireless Grid Parabolic Antenna N Female

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Hot Long Range 17dBi 2.4G WIFI Wireless Grid Parabolic Antenna N Female


Electrical: DG24-04V17A
Frequency range (MHz): 2400 ~ 2500
Polarization: Vertical
Gain (dBi): 17
Half-power beam width (°): horizontal: 16
Vertical: 21
Front to back ratio (dB): ≥20
Input impedance (Ω): 50
VSWR: ≤1.5
Maximum Power (W): 100
Lightning Protection: DC Ground
Connector Type: N female head
Lead Length: 25cm
Antenna aperture (L × W: m): 0.4 × 0.3
Antenna Weight (kg): 1.4
Reflective surface material: Aluminum
Reflective surface color: gray
Mechanical Tilt (°): 0 ~ 20
Working Temperature (°): – 40 ~ 60
Limit wind speed (m / s): 60
Pole Diameter (mm): 35 ~ 50
Mount Model: MK004 L-shaped steel clip code
Frequency range-MHz: 2400-2500

Installation Notes:
1, with a self-tapping screw reflector grid feed cassette mounted atop Note: When installing, make reflector grid strip feed direction with the longitudinal direction consistent top box;
2, with four M5 bolts connecting the left and right sides of the grid, making it a reflective surface;
3, with two M6 bolts “L” shaped clip code is fixed at the back of the grid, then use two M6 screws to feed the pipe mounted vertically on the grid center.(Note: The reflector antenna reflector grid must be parallel with the grid network.
4, the angle adjusting code is fixed to the “L” code, then adjust the angle code fixed on a pole, put on stainless steel bezel, tighten the nut, so tune Corner clutched a pole, as shown above;
5. Check joint contact is good, then bandaged waterproof tape joints and sockets;

1, the figure is a vertical polarization mounting installation;
2. If you need to use horizontal polarization mode, the “L” shaped clip code 90 ° rotation can be installed;
3, change the position angle adjusting code can change the angle of the antenna, in order to pour down from the dump, only the antenna can be installed upside down.

Also note: the grid feed must not be installed wrong!According sale situation, many customers will hold against the feed, please look oh, do not rush to install.

Package included:

1 pc* 17dBi 2.4G WIFI Wireless Grid Parabolic Antenna

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