JHEMCU FE200T 5.8G 40CH 5V 25/100/200MW Switchable Long-range FPV Transmitter VTX Support OSD Configuring for RC Drone


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FE200T 5.8G 40CH 5V 25/100/200MW Switchable FPV Transmitter VTX Support OSD Configuring for RC Drone

FE200T series FPV Transmitter is 5.8G ISM band analog image transmission. It has the characteristics of stable output power, long transmission distance, strong power filtering, and can ensure that the image has no snowflakes and no horizontal stripes under the maximum throttle. The video transmitter uses the flight control OSD (TXD) signal to control the transmission frequency of the video transmitter (IRC Tramp). You only need to connect any TXD (serial port transmission) of the flight control to the RXD (serial port reception) of the video transmitter. The function of manual key switching is retained. Support PIT mode tuning.

Model: FE200T
Item name: FPV Transmitter
Input voltage: DC 4.5-5.2V
Input current: 200MW = 400 MA
Power switching: third gear 25MW, 100MW, 200MW
Signal channels: 40
Frequency point switching: manual button / OSD (IRC Tramp) (also supported)
Antenna interface: IPEX

Dimensions: 16.5MM * 16.5MM

GND: power negative

+ 5V: power positive
RXD: flight control serial transmission
VIN: camera video input

1. The output power is stable and the transmission distance is long.
2. Fast three-speed power switching, independent two red indicator lights, indicating the current transmission power of 25/100 / 200MW.
3. The frequency point uses 4 * 3 LEDs to display 40 channel.
4. Support OSD remote parameter adjustment (IRC Tramp), support PIT mode tuning, only open in OSD.
5, small size, the antenna uses IPEX interface, reducing the PCB board’s footprint.
6, small size: 16.5mm * 16.5mm, mounting hole M1.

7. Light weight: 1.7g

Frequency adjustment:
Manual adjustment Switch the frequency.
Short press: switch channels, 4 blue LEDs and 3 green LEDs indicate channels.

There are 40 frequency points in total, the specific frequency reference to the frequency list:

Power switching:

Long press (greater than 2 seconds) Power adjustment. Press once to switch power 25MW, 100MW, 200MW. Default 200MW.

Package Included:
1x FE200T FPV Transmitter
4x 100mm cable
1x IPEX 5.8G antenna


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