JIYI K3A PRO Flight Controller System Standard Version for DIY Special 4/6/8 Axis Agricultural Pesticide Spraying Drone

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Product Description

JIYI K3A PRO Flight Controller System Standard Version for DIY Special 4/6/8 Axis Agricultural Pesticide Spraying Drone

JIYI K3-A Pro flight control is specially designed for agricultural sprayer drones. It has a variety of modes and exclusive functions for agriculture sprayer drones. It supports manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous flight. It can monitor drug flow in real time and intelligently match the spray volume to achieve precise UAV pesticide spraying . Equipped with professional App ground control station, it is efficient and easy to operate.

Main Features
Diverse Operating Mode for a variety of operating environments
K3-A Pro built-in fixed height mode, GPS – speed mode and other operating modes, easy to operate, flexible switching, free to change operating modes according to different operating environments, to meet the needs of agriculture spraying requirement.

Stable and Reliable Performance
K3-A Pro is a new upgraded version of K3-A, the best-selling king of flight control in the last three years. The reliability and stability of K3-A Pro have been further improved and optimized on the basis of the original K3-A flight control. The products cover the drone users in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and other countries. In 2017 and 2018, K3A get the recognition of 70% of the agriculture sprayer drone manufacturers in China.

Equipped with exclusive agricultural App ground station, precise and convenient control
Personalized app tailored for agricultural sprayer drones, it can provide arbitrary polygon route for unregulated terrain, autonomous operation and improve work efficiency. It has a route memory function and can calculate the spray area, which helps the operator to grasp the dosage more accurately.

Standard dual GNSS module, more safety of flight
Dual GNSS magnetic compass configuration, to achieve the best positioning control, ensure safe and stable flight.


Supported Multi: Quadrotor(+ type, X type)
Six Rotor(+type, X type, IY type, YI type Coaxial double paddle )
Eight Rotors (+types, X types, V types)
Supported ESC Type Below 490Hz PWM ESC
Maximum Output Channel 8 Channels
Recommend remote controller with SBUS receiver
Supported receiver types PPM, S-BUS receiver
Supported accessories Radar, RTK, Data link, Flow Sensor Module
Working Voltage 2-12S
Power Consumption Less than 2W
Working temperature: 0-60°
Storage temperature -40-60°
Seismic pressure
Hover accuracy Horizon: ±2M
Vertical: ±0.8M
Maximum tilt angle 30 °
Maximum yaw speed 150°/s
Maximum vertical speed 6 m/s
Wind resistance Continuous wind: level 3
Gust: Level 4
Flight mode and function

Attitude – stabilization mode, Attitude – fixed height mode, GPS – speed mode, GPS – angle mode, AB point mode, automatic return mode, out of control return mode, low voltage protection, Breakpoint continuous spray function, one button Traverse function, Water pump control function, Terrain following function, Emergency stop function, GPS speed switching function, support for App ground station, support remote control tuning setting by data link.

Hardware Specification
Weight Flight controller:56g
LED module:13g
Power module:39g
Dimension Flight controller:53.5mm×40.0mm×21.0mm
Led module:24mm×
Power module: 53.5mm×34.5mm×14.5mm

Package Included:
K3A Pro main flight controller x 1
GPS Module x 2
Led Module x 1
Power Module x 1



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