LawMate TX-120500 1.2GHz 500mW 8CH Wireless Audio Video Transmitter

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Product Description

Product Description

Caution:The working voltage of this transmitter is 5~5.5VDC, the bundled voltage regulator (AV & Power Switching Cable) is only capable around 6~12VDC voltage range. Without using this regulator and power on these TX-120500 Lawmate Wireless Video Audio transmitters can damage the modules.

LawMate 1.2G 500mW TX-120500 Wireless Video Audio AV Sender Channels & Frequencies

CH 1 : 1080 Mhz
CH 2 : 1120 Mhz
CH 3 : 1160 Mhz
CH 4 : 1200 Mhz
CH 5 : 1010 Mhz
CH 6 : 1040 Mhz
CH 7 : 1240 Mhz
CH 8 : 1280 Mhz


  • TM-120500LM Wireless Audio Video Transmitters may not be legal for using in some countries. can’t be held any responsabilities for the use of these devices. LawMate TX-120500’s wireless video audio transmitter can be working with LawMate RX-1260CK Wireless AV Receiver, but the channel switch of the receiver must be position A
  • This transmitter comes with a sticker which indicates how to select the desire channel. Please keep in mind for channel one all the dips have to be up! Which means the sticker’s black stripe are actually the dips. (this is a bit confusing, please remember, black stripes on the sticker are actually white dips in the transmitter)
  • If your RC transmitter is 2.4Ghz, you should consider to add a low pass filter to prevent this high power wireless video transmitter to interferences your 2.4G RC system.
  • If you bought LawMate receiver which claimed to be locked to 1280MHz frequency, this wireless AV transmitter will not work with it, as this transmitter doesn’t work with 1280MHz. For 1.2GHz 500mW with 1280MHz, please go for Racewood Blue Label
  • Highly recommended not to use with UBEC, please use the stock lead or a step down regulator instead!

Package includes:

1 x Transmitter

1 x standard dipole antenna

1 x specially-used-AV-wire

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