Myflydream MFD Crosshair Autopilot with Color HD OSD Myflydream 2019 New AP Specially Designed for Skywallker X5 X7 X-UAV Talon


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Myflydream MFD Crosshair Autopilot with Color HD OSD Myflydream 2019 New AP Specially Designed for Skywallker X5 X7 X-UAV Talon

Color HD OSD, new flight control algorithm, more powerful hardware configuration, comes with GPS and airspeed. This is the new Myflydream Crosshair Autopilot.

The MFD Crosshair Autopilot has built-in sensors for three-axis gyroscopes, three-axis accelerometers, three-axis electronic compasses, and barometers. This autopilot has an dedicated processor to specifically calculate the attitude of flight control, and another dedicated processor handles the OSD images and flight logic. Based on these hardwares and softwares, this autopilot can be used to enhance the stability of aircraft, and used to control the aircraft so as to make it fly as per the designed route and altitude to realize the purpose of auto flight.


  1. Weight: 30 grams
  2. Consumption Current:
  3. Input Voltage: 7~26V, Recommend to use 12V
  4. PWM Input: 7 PWM inputs, or 8 PPM inputs, or 16 SBUS inputs
  5. PWM Output: 10
  6. Maximum Rolling Angular Rate: 2000deg/s
  7. Flight Controller Modes: MAN, STB, CIR, ALT, WPT, RTH
  8. Maximum Waypoints: 20~200


1. High resolution color OSD, provides an eye-catching flight interface and graphically shows the flight dynamics. The users can also switch to traditional black and white OSD interface.

2. Built-in color video signal generator, able to display black background OSD interface without external camera.
3. Support Chinese/English bilingual menu, easier to use.
4. New cascade PID control algorithm, directly controls the roll rate of the aircraft. Respond faster for the rudder surface, more stable for the flight control, and much smoother for attitude transition.
5. Better stability and compability, reduce the interference of high power data transmission, compatible with various cameras.
6. A more comprehensive support to MAVLink protocol. The user can not only use the MFD ground station software, but also use parameter reading/setting of MissionPlanner for route planning, waypoint flight etc.
7. Adopting augmented reality display that renders 3D wireframe objects in the OSD based on the attitude and position of the aircraft. For example, the virtual waypoint that is about to arrive can be displayed on the screen, the relative position and altitude of other aircrafts can be indicated by a 3D model with different colors.

8. Precise flight capability. The flight route can be planned at the ground station, and it supports the camera shutter trigger control which can be used for the purpose of aerial survey.

9. Compatible with both the new and old versions of MFD AAT.

10. Compatible with upcoming new HD transmitter of MFD.
11. More precise throttle control, less speed fluctuations and higher flight efficiency.
12. Optimized automatic take-off function, only shake the aircraft starter motors when the trigger works. Much safer and easier to use.
13. The automatic landing function will be available soon.
14. Very rich hardware configuration with powerful upgrade and expansion capabilities.
15. Comes with three high-performance microprocessors that handle attitude resolution, flight control and video signal processing separately.
16. Better reliablity with dual gyroscopes and dual accelerometers.
17. The performance of fixed height flight has been optimized with the new barometer.
18. Seven PWM inputs. The 7th PWM is compatible to both PPM and SBUS inputs.
19. 10 PWM outputs, provides sufficient hardware resources for VTOL composite wings, camera shutter control of aerial survey and camera rotation etc.
20. In addtition to GPS and data transmission ports, there are two additional serial ports for external sensor connections.
21. Support CAN-BUS data interface, easier to extend peripherals.
22. Support TF card reading, easier to read flight logs and POS files. The package you will receive includes:

  • 1. Myflydream Crosshair Autopilot
  • 2. Cirocomm 580 GPS Module.
  • 3. Airspeed Sensor
  • 4. 50A Current Sensor
  • 5. Extension Cables
  • 6. USB-TIL Firmware Updater



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