SKYRC TORO TS120 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC Support 2-3S Lipo For 1:10 1:12 RC Car Black

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SKYRC TORO TS120 1/10 Brushless Sensored ESC Support 2-3S Lipo For 1:10 1:12 RC Car Black

Thank you for purchasing TORO 1/10 ESC. Please read the Instruction Manual thoroughly before you use the product. These operating instructions are designed to ensure that you quickly become familiar with its features and functions and make full use of this product.
Brand: SKYRC
Constant/Burst Current:120A/760A
Motor Compatible:Brushless Sensor&Sensorless ESC
Car Compatible:
1/10 and 1/12 On Road and Off Road
1/10 and 1/8 Crawlers
Motor limits:
5-6S NIMH or 2S Lipo≥3.5(1/10 On Road),≥5.5T(1/10 Off Road)
8-9S NIMH or 3S LIPO-≥5.5T(1/10 On Road), ≥8.5T(1/10 Off Road)
Battery Cell Count:4-9S NIMH or 2-3S Lipo
BEC Output:6V@3A
Weight:49g(without wire)

Features :
Users could set the turbo and boosting timing which can improve the motor RPM to get its best performance.
Well-performed throttle and brake control function could control the punch/brake rate by point and the point can be set by user. The precision of the punch/brake rate is 1%.And the user could also custom the throttle/brake curve.
Punch control is reasonable and precise and it can meet different customers’ request for line and power.
Red copper connector is used internal of the ESC. It can decrease the internal resistance at high current situation and the thermal resistance.
The circuit is managed by intelligent thermal management kernel algorithm which can improve driving skill and adjust the control time of the dead band. The dynamic loss can be reduced effectively when the motor is running at high speed or the user changes the motor speed frenquently so that the motor can be more stable when running.
The internal resistance can be reduced by laminated copper stack control technology and cooling fan design so that the dynamic thermal equilibrium can be got. In this case, the heat skins can works effectively.
The electronic switch is built in so that it could save space. And the electronic switch is more sensitive and reliable.
The user could set and store 10 sets of profiles in the ESC. These data could be called out at any time without any special program setting. All the setting can be exported or imported so that the user could compare and analyze.
Safety features:low voltage protection, motor and ESC overheat protection and signal lost protection.
It can be programed by Program Box(SK-300046), PC via SKYLINK(SK-600013) or samrt phone via Bluetooth Module(SK-600058).
The firmware can be updated by connecting the ESC with PC or smart phone.
It can be off by keeping the trigger to full brake for 8 seconds when running.
Package Information:
Package size: 11*10.1*4.3cm
Package weight: 143g
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