SPCMAKER Bat78 HD 78mm with F4 AIO 2-4s FC & RunCam Split 3 Nano camera Whoop VTX Compatible DSMX/Flysky/Frsky / Futaba receiver

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NO Receiver
NO Receiver
with DSMX Receiver
with DSMX Receiver
with FLYSKY Receiver
with FLYSKY Receiver
with FRSKY Receiver
with FRSKY Receiver
with FUTABA Receiver
with FUTABA Receiver

Product Description

Model: Bat78 HD
Wheelbase: 78mm
Flight Control: SPC F4 20A AIO Whoop (2-4S)
Brushless motor: 1103KV8000/1103KV11000 (optional)
Propeller: GEMFAN 1636 40MM 4-blade propeller
Camera: RunCam Split3 Nano Whoop
VTX: 5.8g 25/100/200/400MW 40CH VTX
Receiver: Frsky/DSMX/Flysky/Futaba (optional)
Dimensions: 107mm* 95mm* 35mm
Weight: 59g (battery not included)
Product packaging size: 150x150x60mm
Total weight of package: 205G (including products)

Bat78 HD is different from other whoop design style, product design is still to extnd our small whale 78mm Material selection Drop resistant PP material injection molding.The entire product of electronic equipment are all wrapped in the protection of the shell,in this regard,both new players and veteran players.Do not have to worry about violentimpact to the product to bring greater maintenance economic losses

Bat78HD camera adopts RunCam Split 3 Nano Whoop 25.5mm hole distance card to record hd camera video resolution / / 1080p @30fps / 720p @60fps, Video format NTSC (720 * 480)/PAL(720 * 576) switchable.

Led buzzer using manual control and remote control mode, for the novice is more convenient to operate applicable.No need for led lig hting during the day You can choose to manually (no/OFF) in such a state will not turn off the buzzer alarm prompt。

Bat78HD is formed by integral injection molding of shell and ring. Two layers of 25.5mm-pitch flight control and image transmission structures can be installed inside. The camera mounting hole supports RUNCAM’s Nano2 and Split 3 Nano whoop with 14x14mm hole pitch.

Package including

Bat78 HD set *1

SPC F4 20A AIO Whoop (2-4s) flight control *1

5.8G 25/100/200/400MW 40CH VTX *1

RunCam Split3 Nano Whoop camera *1

1103KV8000 / KV11000 brushless motor *4

GEMFAN 1636 40MM 4-blade paddle *8

5.8g UFL interface rod antenna*1

LED + buzzer *1

Frsky/DSMX/Flysky/Futaba (optional)*1

XT30U-M, with AWG18 high temperature silicone wire *1

SPCMAKER Pressure sensitive LOGO sticker*1

battery EVA non-slip sponge pad*4

hard material packaging box*1






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